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This weekend marks the beginning of the 35th installment of Le FIFA in Montreal. Dedicated to showcasing short and long format films on art, the selections screening at multiple venues until the festival closes on 2 April presents an enormous selection of creative subjects, covered in creative ways and screened in creative spaces.

Le FIFA is a festival with so much going on that it would be impossible to watch every film. Their website breaks down the theme of film, while the print and electronic program is a wonderfully designed omnibus containing information on every film in competition and screening. Every festival goer’s FIFA will a be a different experience, and there in the multiplicity of experiences lies a powerful metaphor, where the curation and dissemination of art is an art in itself, one which the programmers at Le FIFA have 35 years of experience, and hopefully will have 35 more!

So grab a gorgeous pink and yellow FIFA program, pick a pen you like, cross out the times you’re not available and go see movies on art the rest of the week! My coverage for will focus on my own areas of knowledge and interest—architecture, urbanism and contemporary art—with an emphasis on presenting actionable intelligence­. Rather than tell you what a great film you MISSED, I aim as much as possible to recommend movies ahead of time, so check back for daily recommendations through the week.

Here, from Le FIFA website, are the films on the theme of Architecture and Urbanism.

Le FIFA runs until Sunday 2 April 2017. Full details for all the films in competition, screening, special events and free interactive media activities are available on their website,