Also part of the Oscar contenders race is Mike Mills’ 20th Century Women. And thank God it’s nearly Tuesday… Off with the Contenders.

20th Century Women stars Annette Bening as a silent generation single mother (of an adolescent boy) acting like a baby boomer. It is the summer of 1979 in Santa Barbara and generational conflict is about to erupt with sonny boy in the midst of change.

While we never really know where this slow-paced ship is going because of its almost non-existent dialogue (a lot of talking leading nowhere) posing as a portrayal of miscommunication and conflicts between generations, we are shown a collection of prejudice (for instance everything is so peaceful and beautiful but punk music is coming…) and clichés. Bening seems out of time as “Mommy knows best but she stays cool” offering a character that is hard to digest as the inept crowd pleaser this film is.