An official selection – In Competition – at Cannes 2016, Aquarius is Brazilian director Kleber Mendonça Filho 2nd feature and stars Sonia Braga (Kiss of the Spider Woman).

Clara is a retired music critic living in the Recife district in Brazil. While all the neighboring apartment of the building where she lives have been acquired by an aggressive promoter, she refuses to sell putting a hold on the project. Memories of the time and place occur as the inevitable confrontation leads to escalation.

As it is often the case in such ventures, the film is mainly built around Braga’s character. And she is exceptionally good displaying personality and sexiness (talk about aging well). Beside the highly contemporary depiction of confrontations between modern promoters and individuals, Aquarius displays sensitive views in portraying, as chapters, numerous stages of Clara’s life as a glimpse on how she built her personality. The resulting story of a self made woman against a wrecking crew provides a thoughtful allegory for the modern age.