An Oscar contender, Antonio Campo’s Christine is based on the true story of 1970’s TV reporter Christine Chubbuck. It tells of her dive into depression leading to tragic events as she tries to get advancement and good ratings while staying true to her belief in good information.

Rebecca Hall (as Chubbuck) boosts solid performance (she is in fact the Oscar contender) as the struggling reporter in what is a very summarized version of what led to the events. Several clues and career highlights are left out while they could have been incorporated in the whole build up, especially since it was possible at a two hours length.

Christine is simply told yet effective although the balance between environment and inner drama is far from being perfect. It also contains some (excusable) factual mistakes (like TV sets). Still, the recreation of 70’s TV environment, with infos slowly becoming a spectacle, is pretty interesting. It reminds of Lumet’s Network or even (for the introduction to video material) of Paul Schrader’s underrated Auto Focus.

*** For Montrealers, CHRISTINE starts today at Cinema du Parc.