RIDM 2016, continues with the presentation of Alexander Kuznetsov’s We’ll Be Alright, a tragic, intimate and moving documentary.

Two orphans whose lives are upside down from being unjustly locked up in a psychiatric hospital, fall victim to a system stripping them of their basic rights. Several years in the making We’ll Be Alright tells of their struggle, against the Russian state, to gain freedom.

With rewarding dedication, Kuznetsov followed the protagonists through the emotional and legal stages of the process leading to possible liberation. He patiently witnessed the fight, hopes and bitter moments of these individuals, crushed by a life constantly spent on thin ice.

We’ll Be Alright demonstrates that no fictional elements are needed to carefully build a simple but effective and tense drama.



17 nov. 6:15 PM
Cinéma du Parc 1
with English Subs

19 nov. 2:15 PM
Cinéma du Parc 2
with French Subs