RIDM 2016: Gulîstan


for Cinetalk.net

Women Warriors of the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, are the subject,  heart and soul of Zaynê Akyol endearing documentary, Gulîstan.

The director’s lens,  introduces us to a singular group of this armed wing female soldiers of the PKK, following them in their courageous stand against Daesh and other enemy forces. The director unveil the stories of what comes as a close-Knit group. From these genuine fighters embodying revolutionary thoughts, we’re offered a glimpse at their training, socialization, philosophy, ideals, identity, close camaraderie, political opinions and… femininity.

Zaynê Akyol brings a healthy dose of romanticism opposite harsh reality as she shows her heroines caring for their hair and health as well as their weapons. Opposite the usual machismo of such ventures, the daily lives of these young lethal fighters, with the sweetness of their characters, is distinct from what we commonly witness from the same scheme with the male counterparts.

Gulîstan reaches a much welcome level of poetry while dealing with the conspicuous gravity of its subject.

*** Back to main article about the director: https://cinetalk.net/2017/01/19/a-warrior-womens-film-event/




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