RIDM 2016: Calabria


for Cinetalk.net

In Pierre-François Sauter’s Calabria, two immigrant, a Serbo-Croatan and a Portuguese, working for a Swiss undertaker, drive 2000 km in order to bring home the body of an Italian worker.

Calabria is part of an interesting and long lasting trend in documentaries designed in the manner of fictional dramas that relies more on finding protagonists to be scrutinized for character studies rather than trying to inform or educate on a specific subject.

The action of Calabria is mainly confined to the vehicle taking the body to its destination. The core of it consists of the interaction, along the way, between the two men. A crucial casting. While this road movie may seem overlong at times (it could easily be trimmed a little), it succeeds, overall, precisely because both its sympathetic protagonist are Bon vivant… They are simply fun to watch and this could easily be the premise to a fictional road movie.


Screenings :

14 nov. 8:15 PM
Judith Jasmin (UQAM)
With French Subs

16 nov. 6:15 PM
Cinéma du Parc
With English Subs


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