Oscar nominee Guy Davidi, (in 2011 for Five Broken Cameras) is back with Mixed Feelings. The Israeli film maker followed retired actor Amir Orian teaching dramatic arts to produce experimental amateur theater in his living room in Tel Aviv. Because of some strong political opinions, regarding Israeli policy in Gaza, tensions arise within the group.

The early part of Mixed Feelings focuses on the workshop in which Orian is making his students go deep into personal feelings. While using a process similar to Method Acting, he digs into deep inner emotions stirring up personal sentiments from individuals to incorporate into a performance. By doing so, he opens the door to bring in what comes with them from the outside world.

When an Israeli offensive in Gaza brings in mixed feelings, within the class and into the performance, the students get more that what they bargained for. Orian tries to confront them, regarding the situation, and they become reluctant as he tests their boundaries. What came as a way for the individuals to escape reality comes back at them threatening to destroy their unity.

Mixed Feelings would have benefit from an increased length as it falls short on conclusions. We don’t fully perceive aftermath created by the confrontation as it would have been interesting to see a bit more of the outside world in an extended epilogue by following the protagonists a little more. Admittedly it was a difficult task that inevitably comes with… mixed feelings.  Guy Davidi ways , being confrontational and courageous, still provide a document of anthropological significance.


11 Nov. 7PM
Concordia University – (H-110)
English Subtitles

12 Nov. 7PM
Concordia University – J.A. de Sève
English Subtitles