RIDM 2016


for Cinetalk.net

Every fall season, beside sighting multi colored trees and fat squirrels, Montrealers indulge into the wonderful world of the RIDM, the International Film Fest who’s team dedicates body and soul to present great documentaries from around the world the way  nuns dedicate their life to God.

As always it is no surprise choosing films (and writing about it) from the extensive selection will be once more a fun mind bending operation as the fest and its team is fresh, young, feminine (if I may) and even groovy (they actually have Rock shows, Virtual Reality stuff and more). And its the only Film Fest in town who serves good beer.


Every subject of public and human interests are on the menu: Beautiful real-life stories on the state of the world (Mixed Feelings), migrants (Between fences, Fuocoammare), natives (Angry Inuk), warrior girls (Gulistan) and even films about the movies (David Lynch, Brazilian Novo Cinema of the 60’s, etc)

It is opening this Thursday November 10 at Concordia University main Theater with the presentation of this year Berlin’s Golden Bear winner Gianfranco Rosi’s Fuocoammare.


And for ten days Cinetalk.net will be on the scene for a coverage. So follow us daily.

Details here: http://www.ridm.qc.ca/en/2016-festival



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