In Elle, Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instinct, Total recall, Robocop) meets actress Isabelle Huppert (Michael Haneke’s The Pianist) for his first French movie.

A successful business woman, Michèle (Huppert), is assaulted at her place. Because of hidden aspects from her past, she decides to track down the assailant herself entering into a dangerous game.

Starting with a few interesting shockers in his native Netherlands, followed by a successful Hollywood career, Verhoeven forged for himself a reputation of film making not aiming at the heart fainted and he certainly didn’t loose his grip, even at 78, with Elle. Apparently, while the project was to be made in the US, the screenplay was rejected by many well known female upon reading…

Elle is violent, deceptive and it plays with the boundaries of decencies (crossing them a couple of times) within a chic surrounding. The whole tension relies on effective editing by Job ter Burg, the sole dutch on Verhoeven’s team this time, and circumstantial thrilling music accompaniment by Oscar winner Anne Dudley. Isabelle Huppert offers a performance reminder of her leading part in Michael Hanenke’s La Pianiste, physical and demanding.

Huppert is Huppert and Elle is pure Verhoeven.

Cinemania Film Festival screenings:

11 Nov Imperial Cinema 4:00PM

12 Nov Imperial Cinema 8:30PM