29th Tokyo International Film Fest – Classics : Tokyo Olympiad

* The 29th Tokyo film Festival offers a string of restored films either on archival 35mm prints or restored in the digital format.


for Cinetalk.net

Kon Ichikawa’s Tokyo Olympiad is not only one of the best sport film ever made, it is a work of art well balanced between its grandeur, made of technical mastery, and the lyrical intimacy that captures the human aspect of sports as well as Tokyo’s transformation to host the 1964 Olympics.

Armed with dozens of cameras, Ichikawa, not concerned by the desires of its financiers for an accurate report, came up with a 170 minutes cinematic and artistic personal reading of the event. Not interested either for statistics or podiums he delivers some striking images as equally great in scope as they are in depth. The sound, carefully re-worked in post-production, along with ToshirĂ´ Mayuzumi fine dramatic score, brings unity and adds depth to the scope. It was meant for the big screen.

Tokyo Olympiad is a masterpiece of World Cinema.



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