29th Tokyo Intl Film Fest – Classics : CAUGHT (USA, 1949)

* The 29th Tokyo film Festival offers a string of restored films either on archival 35mm prints or restored in the digital format.


for Cinetalk.net

The life of a girl from a poor background, dreaming of marrying a fortunate man, becomes a nightmare as she finds a suitor.

Caught was made by the great Max Ophüls (as Max Opuls), toward the end of his Hollywood period. It is a drama with Noir overtones. It sets in motion relying on  moving performances by its lead actress Barbara Bel Geddes and some great confrontation between leading men James Mason and Robert Ryan. Veteran Cinematographer Lee Garmes (Scarface, The Paradine Case) help sets the tones with fantastic lights, shadows and fogs progressively evolving into a dark  subtle palette. Ophüls and screenwriter Arthur Laurents use great ellipsis in telling their story without sacrificing the evolving psychology of the characters thus providing the ground for great acting.

Caught is one jewel of a drama film.

INFO:  http://2016.tiff-jp.net


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