• The 29th Tokyo film Festival offers a string of restored films either on archival 35mm prints or restored in the digital format.

In Cy Enfield’s 1950 film, Try and Get me (aka The Sound of Fury), a family man who’s down on his luck teams up with a petty thief until their operations escalate into a ring of violence leading to an hostile mob assault instigated by a journalist.

This late Hollywood entry by Enfield, better known for Mysterious Island (1961) and Zulu (1964), was made prior to his McArthy hearing that chased him out of Hollywood. Using great Noir overtones for his drama, graciously put to light by veteran cinematographer Guy Roe (Railroaded!, Behind Locked Doors) while Hugo Friedhofer’s music provides for some moving underscore, Enfield puts to good use the saying that there is always at least three version of a story. He raises questions about share responsibilities of each parties building a tension that culminates, in the later part, with some amazing scenes including the wife of the circumstantial criminal reading a letter from her husband to the journalist and an impressively staged mob scene turning into a savage and disturbing assault on the jail.