29th Tokyo Intl Film Fest – Classics : Too late for tears (USA, 1949)

* The 29th Tokyo film Festival offers a string of restored films either on archival 35mm prints or restored in the digital format.


for Cinetalk.net

In Byron Haksin’s Too late for tears,  Noir regulars Lizabeth Scott (with her magical broken voice), Dan Duryea and Arthur Kennedy contribute stellar performances.

A young poor unhappy couple stumbles on a bag full of dirty money that comes with its share of pain and troubles. In order to keep it, the woman is ready to do anything… anything.

With some highlights in the Sci-Fi universe including War of the Worlds (1954) and Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964) we easily forget that Byron Haskin provided the goods for various genres. Among them, there were some great Film Noir. With Too late for tears he gives strong and effective direction to what could simply be routine material. He excels in setting great tone and rhythm.

Too late for tears is pure candy.


INFO:  http://2016.tiff-jp.net


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