Neon bull (Boi Neon) is Gabriel Mascaro’s 2nd feature (he also made several docs). It is shown as part of the 10th Montreal Brazilian Film Festival that starts Friday and runs from October 21st to 27th at Cinéma du Parc.

Vaquejadas rodeo is Iremar’s trade, but his ambitions lean toward the clothing industry. His home is the truck that brings him from one town to another. His borrowed family, its co-workers, is made of outcasts.

Boi Neon, with its carefully balanced drama filled with comedic elements, offers a collection of realistic but colorful characters put under superb lights by Cinematographer Diego García (Cemetery of Splendor). Art direction is simple but it sets the tone to provide  effective storytelling culminating in one of the most beautiful and sincere erotic scene ever put on screen.

A great film.


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