The Red Bull Academy & PHI present Björk Digital, basically an immersion in the singer’s musical and visual world.

It seems conceived for fans – and numerous they are – as she is everywhere in the works she commissioned, either in the past (and featured in the 2D section of the exhibit) from artists of the likes of Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze et Al, Or in the present as the talents of craftsmen surrounding her is at display in its virtual glory in the second part of the ride with rooms giving access to her virtual essays.

It is a bit on the narcissist side, but isn’t that what stardom is about? With her star power, Björk will bring a new audience to a jewel of our city, DHC/ Art Centre where it is showing. It demonstrates our fair city has the infrastructures to host such major events. Let them come.

Björk Digital runs 15 Oct – 12 Nov. 2016, at DHC/ Art in Montreal .