FNC 16: HOME (BELGIUM- Fien Troch)


 for Cinetalk.net

A 17-year-old young offender with violent issues moves to the family of his aunt who agrees to take him under the plead of her sister.

HOME is at times a difficult film to watch. The raw nature of it’s delicate subject (including a quite disturbing scene of incest) and some violence may make it a little hard to sit through.

With her fourth feature, Flemish director Fien Troch  is cautious not to deliver a moral tale. She prefers unspoken words and feelings (The repressed emotions of the characters are strongly felt) that makes Home a hard-hitting absorbing drama. The direction is well balance with some effective use of ellipsis editing.

Shot mostly with hand-held camera and with full frame ratio of 1:33  (except for the occasional brief use of vertical shots as seen on a smart phone device), the film comes  as a strong statement about the lack of communication and understanding between full-grown adults and their teenagers who all have troubles coping with their respective lives.


Festival screening:

October 14, 9:00 PM (Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin 17)

For more info : http://www.nouveaucinema.ca/en


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