Roman, a young man from the city, wants to sell the country land he has just inherited. But warnings keep coming from the locals not to let go of the land or he might face consequences…

There is a new voice coming out of Romania : Bogdan Mirica. His first feature, Câini (Dogs) is along the line of thrillers like Straw Dogs and Wake in Fright.

Câini is built with slow pace and increasing tension, witty dialogues with biting humour. There is an attention to details with great use of ambient sound and  careful framing and lighting by cinematographer Andrei Butica that really help to shape the story.

Mirica is not working on easy effects or anything jumpy. He takes time to build suspense in suggesting the potential menace and in creating a gloomy world perfectly sustained by the leading cast. Vlad Ivanov (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days) and Gheorghe Visu (the films of Lucian Pintillie), as two patriarchs, offer delightful performances.

Câini is a great film.

Note: The FNC showing is in Romanian with French subtitles.

Festival screening:

Thursday October 13, 2h30 Quartier Latin (with F.S.T)