“Where no man has gone before” could be the right intro to Ulrich Seidl’s body of work. He made his name crossing boundaries with films like Dog Days, Import-Export, Animal Love or Models, films in which the frontier between documentary and live action is dismissed exploring the chaos of our lives.

Once more, Seidl goes into the dark side of the human mind with his latest offering, Safari. As its title indicates he follows white hunters in Africa. Safari raised some controversy after the first Venice Film Festival showing with its straightforward approach, another trade of its director.

There is some powerful images and careful framing in Safari as it is always the case with Seidl and some great confessions by the protagonists because he always managed to lead them where he wants. But somewhere along the line he fails to convince of the interest for his whole enterprise because there is nothing really new you can get on the subject as it is already controversial in itself. We see things coming where he usually takes us into undiscovered country.

Does attending the FNC should note Seidl is giving a so-called “Masterclass” on October 15. He can get very interesting when he gets to talk about his ways of taming this beast called man for his own purpose…

Festival screening:

October 11, 3:00 PM (Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin 17)

October 15, 4:00 PM (Cinéma Impérial)

Master Class:

October 13, 5:00 PM (Cinema du Parc)

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