The Red Turtle is an animated feature produced by Japan’s Studio Ghibli. It marks the first time they venture into foreign territories, as production is concern, since it is Dutch born Michael Dudok de Wit’s first foray into Animation feature after several award winning shorts. He won an Oscar in 2001 for the superb Father and Daughter (2001).

The Red Turtle is dialogue free. It tells the story of a castaway, on a deserted tropical island, through various stages.

Ghibli meets de Wit is a fascinating marriage putting some light on the work of an artist that creates amazing works of Art. His simple lines and drawing style are of a sensible and poetic nature filled with bright colors. With the supporting cast made of turtles, crabs, birds (and a surprise in the second part) the director patiently built a climax with a strong reflection on solitude and communication.

The Red Turtle is a beautiful and inspired piece of filmmaking.