FNC 2016 : Merci Patron! ( French with E.S.T)


for Cinetalk.net

In Francois Ruffin’s documentary Merci Patron! (in French with E.S.T) we follow journalist Francois Ruffin on the trail of Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH Billionaire group as he convinces a couple of laid off employees to participate into a scheme to seek reparation.

Apparently a great success in France, Merci Patron!, is an example of the ways of documentaries these days with its tendencies to seek to entertain at all costs. Some obviously love it, but Ruffin spends a lot of time entertaining and doesn’t show that much as an investigator.

Right from the beginning, when Ruffin introduces himself as someone who created dialogues on the front line, but totally skip explanations on what he did concretely, something if fishy.

The «journalist» involvement, creating a scheme where we never see the face of the person who negotiates the terms, creates its own situations instead of documenting seriously. It is not documentary but more of a pamphlet. And it reminds obviously of some of Michael Moore Ways.

With much energies spent on being entertaining with misery, on putting stunts, Merci Patron! keeps less ground, after 90 minutes, to be properly informative about a subject it should describe more carefully.


Festival Screening:

October 8th, 5 PM,  Cinema Quartier Latin


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