There is a presentation of F.W Murnau’s American silent classic (winner of 3 well deserved Oscars) SUNRISE with live accompaniment at FNC this today.

After several classic made in his native Germany, Murnau, one of the greatest filmmaker of all time, would go on with what sadly became a very short Hollywood career. He died in February 1931 in a car accident. The most celebrated of his American work, SUNRISE , in which a married farmer falls for a city girl  paving the way to intentions of murder, was made in 1927. It contains lots of the director’s trade with intense use of light and shadow leading to major final drama and climax.

In its initial release, the film was shown in an 1.19:1 aspect ratio of the Movietone format providing optical sound with music and effects but also in the completely silent 1.37:1 ratio commonly used at the time. The Live soundtrack for the evening will be provided by Olivier Mellano.

Festival Screening:

October 6th, 7 PM, Cinémathèque Québécoise.