Andrea Arnold’s Cannes Jury prize, AMERICAN HONEY, starring new comer Sasha Lane and Shia LaBeouf is a road trip within America’s midwest, in which a young woman called Star (Lane) joins a crew of partying misfits, a team of traveling salesmen, leaving one miserable life behind to embark deeper onto another kind of misery that is lying ahead.

This film genre, with lots of shaky hand held camerawork and ascertain of its provocative pretension in showing a dark side of America, perfectly fits the festival circuit, finding its audience and recognition from the aristocratic high sphere of the film business.

American Honey works on the level with the impact of a voyeuristic affair having things to show but not as much to say that it might pretend. It is an intriguing sample of today’s dramatic film scene incapacity to, sometimes, select what to show. It is apparently filmed in chronological order with much of the scenes improvised,  thus leading to its length of almost three hours. We follow characters who are basically (except for Lane’s) a collection of uninspiring cliches of lost youth in poverty. It delivers an observation on the situations it creates that is patronizing in its ways. When it comes to show hopelessness,  American Honey falls into the trap of becoming a feel good movie despite its  numerous trashy and would-be provocative elements.

Sasha Lane is a new sensation with a great presence. She is the film’s strongest asset. The future will tell if she is an actress or a falling star.


Festival screening:

October 6,  7PM at Cinéma du Parc

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