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A group of kids and teenagers are hanging out at the remains of the 2004 Olympic Village in Athens 10 years after the games. They constantly play and mock each other.

Park is the impressive debut from Greek director Sofia Exarchou. It is a minimalist film that takes a poignant look at young people and their empty and decaying lives during the course of one summer. They party, booze and fight themselves for the sake of it. Mood and atmosphere are predominant.  Bruno Dumont’s Life of Jesus and Larry Clark’s Kids (minus the provocative language) come to mind.

Augmented with a beautiful and quiet score by Alexander Voulgaris, Park is a haunting piece offering a sensitive look at contemporary youth (played with natural charm by a group of non-professional actors) as they grow up like outsiders distancing themselves from society.

Unlike her characters, director Sofia Exarchou has a promising future ahead.


Festival screening:

October 6, 4:00 PM (Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin 17)

October 7, 9:15 PM (Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin 17)

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