A focus on Nordic Cinema, presented by Cine Tapis Rouge, runs at Cinema Du Parc in Montreal from September 23rd-28. It opens with Aleksi Salmenperä’s Häiriötekijä (Distractions, Finland, 2015) made of multiple aesthetic short tales of the bizarre with no real link between them except for the actors playing several roles.

Also showing, Jörn Donner’s Armi Elää! (Armi Alive!, Finland, 2015) a film about the woman behind the Finnish design company Marimekko. Starting in a documentary style, it takes advantage of its budget limitation by constructing its portrayal of Armi Ratiaa by incorporating it in an in progress theater adaptation instead of going for the costly usual reconstitution. It interestingly questions the vision of a character in such biopic enterprises.

Horror fans have an appointment with WW2 German soldiers and their Norwegian prisoner confronted to a House of Exorcism in Reinert Kiil’s THE HOUSE (Huset, Norway). Same goes for Punk music fans with the showing of renown Swedish filmmaker Lukas Moodysson’s WE ARE THE BEST.

Icelandic director Rúnar Rúnarsson’s Þrestir (Sparrows)’s beautifully crafted adolescent drama, set in Iceland’s breathtaking landscape will close the festival on Wednesday, 9PM at Parc.