14360349_1117906294963988_1087260536_o.jpgThe first edition of  Canada China International Film Festival (CCIFF) takes place in Montreal from September 16th to 19th at Concordia University. The festival aims to foster exchanges between the Canadian and Chinese film communities.

Opening Red Carpet is taking place today (Friday september 16th) at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts with the presentation of The Calligraphy Master.

Following, over the weekend, are a series of events including public screenings and film competition with a wide range of styles from documentaries, martial arts flicks to animation.

Film buffs will be in for a treat of captivating events including an interactive workshop held by Golden Bear winner, director Xie Fei and film scholar Peter Rist, an entertainment and technology Summit with the opportunity for the public to experience current tech trends shaping the future of entertainment in integrating new storytelling techniques and innovative technology with augmented reality.

If the focus is to bring attention to the future of film making, for the festival’s team technology is not the sole measurement to progress so they bring a panel of prominent women directors, producers and screenwriters for various activities under the flag Women’s Voice in Film and Television.

CCIFF‘s team is young, dynamic and full of fresh ideas. And the fest seems to be here to evolve. Stay tuned as Daria’s gonna cover for that promising Year One.


Tickets for screenings:




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