Milan Records just released the complete electronic score (in a double LP edition) to James Cameron’s The Terminator (1984) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a the iconic killer Robot from the future.

The music being an essential part of the success of this cult film, Milan partnered with Fiedel to present the soundtrack the way it should be heard. The release has been mixed and mastered from the original tapes by Brad Fiedel himself in his studio

Exit the incidental 80’s songs that were on the B-side of the original LP release. 17 tracks of Fiedel’s music are presented, dominated by the unforgettable theme and Minimal but effective punctuation announcing the arrival of the deadly Schwarz Machine. Thrilling ambiance.

Fiedel said of the the theme: “Terminator was very difficult because I was using many different synths and sequencers and because I didn’t have MIDI available on many of them I had to sync them by hand. This is why the main theme is in a very odd time signature. The looping of the Prophet 10 keyboard was just a little short of a complete measure.”

One Great old school electronic cult soundtrack.