Naked Lunch OST (Howard Shore, Ornette Coleman)



After releasing Scanners and The Brood on LP, Mondo Record is celebrating 35 years of David Cronenberg/ Howard Shore collaboration by releasing on LP three of their seminal Works. The first being the score to Naked Lunch (1991),. It will be followed by the complete soundtracks to Dead Ringers (1988) and Crash (1996). This marks the first time these titles will be available on Vinyl.

Naked Lunch comes in a 2 LP set recreating the 2014 CD release. The first three sides offer the same program as the Milan CD of the 90’s that accompanied the film’s release. Side four is made of alternate version and different takes of the recording sessions. This is worthy considering the special guest of the whole recording is legendary Ornette Coleman.

Since Shore signature of orchestral harmony,  dissonance and dark atonal melancholy is all there, within is writing and direction of the London Philharmonic , the mix with the free spirited jazz playing of Coleman is the perfect match to enter the World of Cronenberg revisiting William Burroughs tortured Interzone.



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