The Piper is of course, a take on the classic story about a flute player who drives rats out of town, only to send them back when the townspeople betray him. Only, this town is peculiar, and people are not as they seem.

Attractive landscapes, creepy ambiance, and some CGI vermin all add to the visuals. The cinematography is deceivingly pretty considering the darkness of the subject matter.

There has always been an unspoken rule in Cinema about showing abuse of animals, children and the sickly. Films that break the convention usually shock, disgust and even in 2016, still get censored. The Piper has effectively broken convention to provoke at times visceral reactions. The climax is at once horrifying and eye-opening. The world is not a rosy place. Love it or hate it, The Piper provokes a reaction. It is a study in the virtues of revenge, loyalty and family. Rats may be seen as vile, but humans are the basest life form.


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Fantasia Screening : August 2, 5:00 PM (Hall Theatre)

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