A school bus of teenage brats goes over a cliff, and the protagonist is welcomed to Hell by heavy metal demons. He spends the rest of the movie not necessarily trying to come back to life, but rather reunite with his crush. Which requires being brought back to life. Which requires numerous hilarious failed attempts, and bizarre encounters with other folks who died and landed in Hell.

Kankuro Kudo’s Too Young to Die! is reminiscent of another Hell comedy-horror. Highway to Hell (1991) was scarier, but the villains in TYTD! are at best, an embarrassment to Demons everywhere. They’re bumbling failures whose jokes are only frightful because they’re so bad. The head demon can’t seem to stop posturing, flicking his tongue, and screaming “Mothaf—ka!” His band’s lyrics are hysterically stupid, and bathed in just the right amount of cheese. This is, however, what makes the film fun. The idiotic demons use lots of rock n’ roll wordplay. Though not a requirement, viewers who have at any point in their life been a rocker or enjoyed the genre of music will probably enjoy the rock legend gags more than the general public.

Oh, and yes, this is a (rock n’ roll) musical. If you don’t mind a bit of toilet humor, TYTD! is a ridiculous but great way to empty your mind for a couple of hours. It’s purely entertaining so don’t expect any major messages about life or morality. Just go with the flow, Mothaf—kas!


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Fantasia Screening : July 29, 7:20 PM (Hall Theatre)

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