The general aura of Creepy is successfully creepy. Neighbor Nishino isn’t quite right the minute he appears on screen. He manipulates both the viewer and the on-screen characters. Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s story unfolds mysteriously, and doesn’t reveal every answer to every question. Whether plot hole or fully intended, this sucks everyone into Nishino’s twisted world. The film scores high on the chills factor. However, do not expect major gross-out, jump scares, or heart-pumping action. As with most of Kurosawa’s films, the pace is slow and mounts an atmosphere of creeping dread. The tone is quiet and eerie with a final scene that jars because of its contrast to the rest of the film.

There may be a commentary about humanity and everyday fears, but it is unclear if that was Kurosawa’s intent. Murders occur for many reasons. Some kill for revenge, others for pleasure. Sometimes there are deeply rooted causes, but Creepy chooses to not specify. This might be the downfall of the film, and at the same time it is its very essence.

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Fantasia Screening : July 26, 10:00 PM (Hall Theatre)

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