FANTASIA 2016: PATTAYA (France- Franck Gastambide)



To escape the greyness of France’s suburbs, two friends  lie to one of their neighborhood friend and embark him on a free journey trip to Thailand in the World Championship Muay Thai dwarfs contest.  This “dreamy” vacation t quickly turns into a crazy and dangerous adventure.

Four years after the surprising success of Les Kaïra (aka Porn in the Hood), Franck Gastambide gives us another “excessive” comedy with Pattaya. Vin Diesel-lookalike and wannabe, Gastambide pulls no punches and throws everything but the kitchen sink in this laugh-out-loud comedy. The jokes and gags comes aplenty and most of them hits the marks in an overexcited non-politically correct action-adventure-comedy fueled at 100 mph.

French comedians Gad Elmaleh and Ramzy Bedia are particularly hilarious in supporting roles. Despite some gross and dubious sequences, it is smarter than what it appears to be. All in all, Pattaya is the “perfect”  match for the Fantasia-crowd as it adds action, kung fu and lots of hilarious Kickboxing references and parody-sequences (including  Paul Hertzog’s famous training montage cue) to a fun comedy.


Fantasia screening: July 24, 5:00 PM (Hall Theatre)

For more info :


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