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A struggling mill worker leaves his family risking everything in order to find his missing daughter. This includes exposing the secret that he is slowly becoming invisible.

This new variation on the theme of the “invisible” man is a far cry from your typical superhero movie. In fact, there’s nothing super about the main protagonist who is struggling with his transformation and whose main purpose is to find his daughter before he’s gone for good.

The Unseen is more a moving family drama than a crime or fantasy film. The special effects are pretty impressive for such a small independent Canadian production but they serve the storyline instead of being an excuse for technical prowess. The father/daughter relationship that follows is also gripping without being overly sentimental. The last half hour falls a bit into familiar territory, with the kidnapping scheme by a dangerous antagonist, but overall this is an impressive and well-assured feature film debut from a  makeup and SFX department technician of A- studio films (including the X-Men series and Deadpool) over the last 20 years.

Fantasia screening: July 22, 12:45 PM (Hall Theatre)

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