Based on a graphic novel, the imagery in Psiconautas: The Forgotten Children is visually stunning. The film picks up where Birdboy (2011) left off. At first predominantly pink, black and white, the colors change to more intense reds or scribbly blacks, as the atmosphere becomes more frightening. In a land that suggests Paradise, things come alive in vibrant colors.

A strange little boy on drugs, a pig whose mom is possessed by a hideous spider, a rat turf war, and a sweet but underplayed love story. All of that is featured in Psiconautas as a backdrop to a land where Trash will inherit the Earth. The trashy characters are mean-spirited and greedy, while a trio of misfit teenagers desperately tries to run away to a better life. As with any teen angst story, adults don’t understand the hardships of kids. They want stoned Birdboy dead and forgotten, but all he wants is to be free of his demons. His drug-induced hallucinations are lugubrious and allow the creators an outlet to showcase their talent not only with the artwork but also the animation. The film moves and flows with expertly animated action and painterly backdrops.

Alberto Vázquez and Pedro Rivero have created an imaginative place where nothing seems to go right for our teenaged heroes. Their world is grim, but also filled with mystical beauty and what could only be called the sadness of love, whether familial, romantic or filial.


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Fantasia Screening : July 23, 1:50 PM (Hall Theatre)

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