With titles like Welcome to the Dollhouse, Happiness (1998) and Storytelling (2002) under his belt, Todd Solondz went to the dark side of the human mind more than few.
A black comedy, that apparently left a part of the audience angry at Sundance Film Fest (Wiener-dog sites are apparently booing at the movie), Wiener-Dog is no heart warming family film. But the way audiences are crying over a dog shows explicitly what kind of cruel world he describes.

A dog’s life it is for Solondz’ characters as a dachshund passes from one sad owner to another plagued with dysfunctional lives in separate narrative parts (meet Kieran Culkin, Ellen Burstyn, Danny DeVito, Julie Delpy et al) in the ways of an exquisite corpse story.

In his world filled with strange situations and dialogues with everlasting bitterness, in lobotomized-like pacing, the director contained confrontational issues slowly work their way into the absurdity of our world.

It may not be as appealing as the aforementioned works, but plunging into the (un)familiar world of Wiener-Dog is still a surprising ride.