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A martial arts academy student goes to Bangkok in search of an actress who has been kidnapped by a former-rival.

Loosely-based on Varsham (a Tollywood film of 2004 starring Prabhas), this Bollywood romantic action film is mostly a showcase for newcomer Tiger Shroff in  his second starring role. The son of Jackie Shroff (one of  Bollywood’s superstar of the 1980s and early 1990s)  displays quite an impressive arrays of martial-arts and stunts skilled and is the main attraction of the film.

In typical Bollywood-tradition, there’s romance and comedy involved between the numerous action sequences. The aficionados will certainly recognized the borrowed elements (and even some shot-by-shot -steal scenes) from Ong-Bak (the chase-sequence in the streets of Bangkok) or The Raid: Redemption (the action-packed finale taking place inside the building). This is mainly an enjoyable late-night evening fun-filled film pulling all the tricks to please its audience.


Fantasia screening: July 19, 10:00 PM (Hall Theatre)

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