The flesh horror anime/manga remake is a take on the body snatcher theme. Much like the classic Parasite Eve (Masayuki Ochiai), parasites are out to control our world by manipulating humans. Parasyte comes with an agenda: Humans should stop destroying the earth and each other. All life is precious, even though these parasite puppeteers destroy humans with glee.


Just like humans.

Parasyte shows that humans are not so different from the parasites that infest their brains. Only there’s an anomaly. His name is Shinichi, and his parasite lives in his hand instead of his brain. The two form an allegiance that allows them each to grow, both separately and as a team. And splash some gore every which way while they’re at it.

Takashi Yamazaki has succeeded in recreating the eerie atmosphere of the anime’s world, while enhancing the visuals that were present in the original manga series. The director is known for his Space Battleship Yamato (2010) live action remake, as well as the sci-fi action flick, Returner (2002). He not only has strong ties to the anime world, but is also a visual effects specialist. He was the effects supervisor for both Part 1 and Part 2 of Parasyte. The result is an incredibly intense Part 1. The visuals, the emotions (or lackthereof in the case of the parasited humans), and the quasi-martial arts fight scenes blend to create a non-stop thrill ride. Unless of course, guts and truncated bodies are not your sort of thing.

At 117 minutes, Part 2 feels a bit too long, often continuing when it felt like it should end. That aside, it manages to ‘evolve’ young Shinichi into a more mature, confident teenager. Instead of rehashing the exact same moves and bio-horror, Yamazaki has pushed the CG further, given the mutant beings more powers, more depth. In all, Part 2 is very strong as a natural evolution of Part 1. The characterization shows growth. The fleshy attacks are more interesting than what appears in Part 1. Audiences should take note of the roof abduction and rescue scene near the end of Part 2. It doesn’t last long, but it is a beautiful slow motion sequence that defies description.

Combined, the two films are an epic warning to the human race. Mankind is a threat to itself. We should all work together instead of making enemies everywhere we tread.


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