The misadventures of a 65 year-old street-based sex worker who is well-known for doing it so well she can almost kill elderly men.

In Korea, ‘Bacchus ladies’ are elderly women who sell a popular soft drink containing taurine known as ‘Bacchus’. They are also known for offering (cheap) sexual services on the side. This is the unusual story of one of them granny ladies. Despite the taboo and sordid subject matter, veteran-director E J-yong (who had previously tackled sexuality in films such as Untold Scandal and Dasepo Naughty Girls) is handling the problem of senior prostitution in a quiet yet humble fashion.

With a very touching and poignant performance by Youn Yuh-Jung in the title-role, this   moving drama   deals  with senior’s  problems such as growing with illness, solitude and the fear of dying.


Fantasia screening:

July 17, 14:30 PM (J.A. De Seve Theatre)

July 25, 19:25 PM (J.A. De Seve Theatre)

For more info :


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