FANTASIA 2016 : DEMON (POLAND- Marcin Wrona)



A bridegroom is possessed by a spirit in the midst of his own wedding celebration…

Polish director Marcin Wrona (who committed suicide  last september) based his script on Piotr Rowicki’s play Adherence. 

Demon is a clever  modern-take on the Jewish folklore legend of the dybbuk (a malicious possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person).

This slow-burner  isn’t your typical possession flick and, for that matter, it will probably left to dry the most hardcore horror fans out there. It is reminiscent of Zulawski’s early works (minus the hysterical and excessive syndrome factor of the latter) and plays a lot on ambiguity in the process. The result is  a fascinating (but also a bit frustrating at times) entry into the supernatural from a country rarely recognize for his genre films.

(P.G. for

Fantasia screening:

July 16, 10:00 PM (J.A. De Seve Theatre)

July 26, 1:15 PM (J.A. De Seve Theatre)

For more info :


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