During the 1998 soccer World Cup in France, a in Exile Tibetan monastery’s serenity is shaken as Zen contemplation is put to challenge by the soccer fever gaining its young students.

Phörpa (The Cup) is produced in part with the help of famous Britt producer Jeremy Thomas with an Australian technical crew. It was director Khyentse Norbu first feature. Norbu is recognised as the third incarnation of a 19th-century lama of the Khyentse lineage. So he knows a thing or two about Tibetan life.

In part a fable about the traditions and harmony in a rapidly changing (but open) world, The Cup is also about the spirit of two apparently opposite passions who both know no boundaries. A story of tradition but with harmony and overture towards the acceptance of the modern times we live in.

Making great use of the culture, the ancestral music and natural settings, The Cup is a simple and beautiful Football comedy-drama with a transcendental flow.


Here’s the very Hollywoodish trailer: