At the end of 2015 Dagored released a double LP of the soundtrack of brothers Guido & Maurizio De Angelis to Euro-cult director Sergio Martino’s TORSO (I Corpi Presentano Tracce di Violenza Carnale – 1973).

TORSO ia a precursor of the slasher genre and an early Giallo (the Italian thriller genre). You get your classic mix of serial killer and targeted foreign college student in an isolated villa.

Also known under the pseudonym Oliver Onions, the De Angelis brothers began recording music (with standalone albums) in the 1960’s. But the soundtrack world proved to be highly prolific and they moved easily in Italian Cinema from a genre to another (Spaghetti Western, Gialli, poliziotteschi, etc ).

Torso OST Starts with your usual lounge tune, as the opening credits, with guitar & sax that sets the first of a few leitmotivs that comes and go (with pretty cool instruments variations). A good jingle for a sunny trip to the country. At times, a voyage between the prog roots of the De Angelis brothers and folk sounds they obviously are fond of.

Soon it gives space to another of the recurring themes with intriguing and minimalist electric piano sound and progressive-like flute (one of their trades). The third major theme, La strage Ha Inizio with its extensive use of Keyboards is sequenced in a very short cut on disk one, only to offer a taste on what’s coming on the second LP.

For the dark souls among you, disk two is filled with great alternate takes keeping less of the lounge and getting on, all together with the sombre themes, with a presentation of the creepier ambiances and voices from the beyond.

Guido & Maurizio De Angelis‘ Torso‘s  score is Great stuff!