One of the most fascinating filmmakers of the last 30 years is Dutch director Alex Van Wanderdam. The leader of the Mexicaanse Hond theatre group takes time, every three years or so, to shoot a feature. He directed ten highly enjoyable dark comedies since the end of the 80’s. Wanderdam’s latest, Schneider vs. Bax, is a black comedy.

Two hitmen are hired by the same boss to send one another into retirement. What seems like an easy job in the first gets, of course,  more complicated than expected.

Using unusual country house settings, Wanderdam delivers his trademark of absurd situations, fine dialogue and unexpected turns with his unsettling casual manners. A true signature. The cat and mouse play, within the beautiful rural surroundings, is simple. Everything seems, even the murders, like everyday life. That’s the Wanderdam (gentle) way…

Surrounded by regulars, actors Tom Dewispelaere,  Annet Malherbe,  Gene Bervoets,  Henri Garcin, the director  runs his movies like a theater production using the same faces (Fassbinder work comes to mind).  His body of work is like  patiently aged wine. Tasteful.

Schneider vs. Bax, is Yours to discover.