Remade in 2005 by multiple awards winner French director Jacques Audiard as “De Battre Mon Coeur S’est Arrêté” (The Beat That My Heart Skipped),  James Toback’s Fingers, starring Harvey Keitel,  is one of those little seen films worth a look, even if it is by no mean the masterpiece some would like it to be recognized as.

Harvey Keitel plays a talented pianist who is into illegal mobster activities. He is torn between his loyalty and the dream of an artistic career. Between his musical sensibility and a tendency towards violence he must face difficult choices. But the emotionally unbalanced young man puts himself into troubled waters.

Directed by James Toback (Academy award nominee 1992 for Bugsy‘s screenplay), Fingers was Shot in New York City by Taxi Driver‘s and Raging Bull‘s champion cinematographer Michael Chapman. Which is good. Both Toback and Chapman deliver a gritty looking NY, clearly from another era, filled with sleazy moments and cult aura. It stars Harvey Keitl doing… Harvey Keitel alongside, Tysa Farrow (Yes, sister of…), Danny Aiello and Jim Brown. Cult appeal anyone?

Yours to discover.