A Chicago crime syndicate enforcer (Marvin) is hired to settle a score with a psychotic slaughterhouse owner (Hackman) who’s into sex slavery in this other example of strange 1970’s oddity

Michael Ritchie’s Prime Cut starring Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman and Sissy Spacek provides good sleazy entertainment. Simple but well built with a no moral, mean and wicked feel to it, Prime Cut presents a world where everybody is highly corrupted (some more than others) and  is filled with guns, car chases, action, sex, despicable characters and a cool circumstantial score by Lalo Schifrin who was at the height of his success.

Marvin is as bad tempered as he can be ( you know with his general attitude someone’s gonna have a bad day) and Hackman gets his car salesman look when you just want to kick his teeth in. Not much pity is shown between the main protagonists and everything is about vengeance and extermination by any means possible creating an uneasy climax.

With some pretty strange and violent ideas (they literally transform a guy into sausage in the opening sequence) there is something very nihilistic which raises the question, what was wrong with the 1970’s?

Yours to discover.