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(Børning, Hallvard Bræin, 2014) – Action, comedy

A down-on-his-luck wanna-be car racer is challenged in a illegal race through the length of Norway.

This light, but enjoyable, action comedy is a tribute to the cinema of American director/ stunt coordinator Hal Needham (of Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run fame),  Old-fashioned-style with some roaring roaring speed cars  and colorful characters. This a an entertainment bumpy ride throughout the Norwegian landscape.


Cold Prey 

(Fritt Vilt, Roar Uthaug, 2006) – Horror

After a snowboarding accident, five friends are forced to take shelter in an abandoned hotel in the mountains of Jotunheimen.

Almost ten years before The Wave, Roar Uthaug made thischilling film debut with this original take on the slasher/survival horror genre. Suspenseful, intense and full of energy, Cold Prey was a surprise hit that spawned two more entries  by different directors (the effective sequel Cold Prey II  and a far lesser prequel).

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The Crossing

(Andreaskorset, Martin Asphaug, 2004) – Thriller, drama

Confined in a wheelchair, a man who has lost everything (but his wife) gets a visit, in his reclusive country house, from a mysterious old man who claims to be his father.

This is a surprisingly effective psychological thriller with a dash of dark comedy. Very well-acted (with a commanding lead by Trond Fausa) with some nice surprises. A neat little film  worth checking out.

In Order of Disappearance

(Kraftidioten, Hans Petter Moland, 2014) – Action, comedy, crime

A honorable snow plower, in the wild mountains of Norway, takes law into his own hands after his son is mistakenly murdered by some gangsters.

Four years after A Somewhat Gentle Man, director Hans Petter Moland reunites with Stellan Skarsgård for another superior Fargo-esque crime thriller with some very dark humor. Featuring another terrific performance by Skarsgård who brings the right amount of emotion and depth to his character and his actions.



(Arme Riddere, Magnus Martens, 2011) – Action, comedy, crime

A man must prove his innocence after waking up clinched to a shotgun in a strippers joint full of dead bodies.

Based on a story written for the screen by novelist Jo Nesbø (Headhunters), this is a vigorous and  violent action thriller with  style. Nothing really new here, but Jackpot is a solid and effective entertainer.


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