Pjotr Sapegin (Animation)


for Cinetalk.net

Animator Piotr Sapegin was born in the former Soviet union. He is known as a Filmmaker from Norway, where he resides and works. His clay animations are beautifully crafted works of Art, filled with strange characters usually made of plasticine, great cynical voice over and various surprising plot twists. He is one the great geniuses of contemporary animation. There is something joyously confrontational about his style and ways. His personal takes on Mme Butterfly (Aria) and Shakespeare (In a corner of the World, with its Northern lights as a background) are simply charming. Others like Huset pa Kampen – 1998 – contain all of his distinctive humor, a deliberate primitive world of twisted dramas and unusual romance.

A great talented artist to discover (if not already) and you’ll want more. A few links to his work can be found. Take the time it worths it. Brilliant.

Yours to discover.



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