Newly released on Blu Ray by Kino Lorber, Cop is a police thriller  based on the novel Blood on the Moon  by James Ellroy and directed by James B. Harris (best-known has the produced of three early Stanley Kubrick’s films ).  It was the first of Ellroy’s novel adapted for the screen, nine years before the Oscar-winning L.A. Confidential was put into celluloid. The film stars James Woods Charles Durning and Lesley Ann Warren.

Woods plays a LAPD homicide detective  investigating  the brutal murder of a prostitute.  Pieces of evidence related to the case lead him on the trail of a serial-killer…

As it is often the case  with screen  adaptations, it is nowhere as dense, violent or brutal as its source material but, still, it is worth watching  for James Woods fans. He gives an enjoyable performance and is  a real treat to watch as he  is in almost every scene  everything being revealed through his eyes and actions. Woods breaths tenderness, confidence and cynicism to the very astute  but highly unbalanced and obsessive cop .

The  overall pacing  is a bit slow for standard viewers and the script is lame at times and even chaotic. But despite it’s flaws, the overall climax of Cop  is enjoyable and  effective.


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