At he end of 2015, never short on ideas for soundtrack LP’s to release, Mondo/Death Waltz recordings put together another great piece: Italian composer Fabio Frizzi’s score to The Beyond (…E tu Vivrai nel Terrore! L’aldilà, 1981) by (equally) Italian director Lucio Fulci. An 11 tracks LP with new artwork, newly Re-mastered and featuring sleeve notes from Frizzi and Italian horror expert Stephen Thrower, it is a major soundtrack.

When it came to music, master Fulci would often call on maestro Frizzi, first, at the beginning of their fruitful collaboration, in the 1970’s, as the member of a trio completed by talented Franco Bixio and Vince Tempera. Together they scored such films as Fulci’s Sette Note in Nero (1977) and Four of the Apocalypse (1975), a Spaghetti Western with the director’s horror touch, and other great works for various genres and directors. Around 1979 they parted and Frizzi solely composed the music for Fulci’s take on the poliziotteschi (the Italian Cop films) genre with Contaraband (1980), as well as the director’s horror classics Zombie (1979) and City of the Living Dead (Paura Nella Città dei Morti Viventi, 1980), both also released on Mondo/Death Waltz.

It’s no surprise that when time came to score The Beyond, the great piece of Italian horror filmmaking about the incidental opening of the seven doors to hell, Fulci turned again to Frizzi.

Richly written, elegant in its overall sound, the score is a blend of traditional orchestrations, with Frizzi’s usual prog rock approach, in turns dark, melodic and funky.

The novelty, compared to his prior ventures in Fulci’s dark world is the use by Frizzi of latin choral works  that may remind of Jerry Goldsmith’s input on the original Omen trilogy. The recurring use of his beautiful voiced theme  is sustained by great string work. It contains a lot of other inspiring leitmotiv on flute (a lyrical beauty) and a good old spooky piano (well you can have some cliche when used properly) with keyboards and funky bass for the final touch.

Ghostly sounding but appealing in the same breath, The Beyond soundtrack works both with the film it was recorded for and for Horror soundtrack aficionados as well as for people who just love inspiring music on its own. Great work.

Listen to the Main theme here: