Mountains May Depart, the most recent drama by Chinese director Zhangke Jia (A Touch of Sin, Still life, The World, etc), may not be his most accomplished film  but it is beautiful and well acted. It’s quiet with a slow pacing.

In China, end of the 20th century, Liangzi and Zhang are both in love with Tao who decides to marry Zhang, a wealthier businessman. We follow the lives and disillusions of the trio over a period ending in… 2025!

The novelty for a film drama is that it chronicles, in its later part, the near future. A minimalist and simplified future so don’t look for any concrete sci-fi elements Geek friends.

Minimalism is also the term that can be applied to the whole core of this beautifully shot film. Not much happen, so it could get on the nerves of some viewers, and charm others, as it plays on time, with a sense of framing, the subtlety of everyday life.

A Cinephile film.