Guys at Mongrel Media always brought us great foreign quality movies and Rams is no exception. It is beautiful. It is fun. And it is good.

In an Icelandic valley, two old brothers live side by side, working on their respective herd of ancestral sheep-stock, without speaking to one an other for 40 years (over an undisclosed dispute). But when the valley is struck by the arrival of scrapie, a degenerative disease that affects the nervous systems of sheep, the brothers have to put aside their quarrel.

Rams is Grímur Hákonarson 2nd feature with Sigurður Sigurjónsson and Theodór Júlíusson as the two old-timers. It is filled with these ingredients that make many Scandinavian movies so special. It’s got the striking sceneries and the careful framing and lighting that take the best of it, it’s got a sweet pacing with a picturesque ambiance and the actors are believable even in some surreal situations.

Its quiet, full of little details, the direction is subtle and  it simply does everything well. And most of all, Rams has this Scandinavian irony that is well balanced between humor and tragedy. Pure candy.

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